Arrowhead Welcomes Scottie Titsworth to the Tulsa office

Scottie Titsworth 


Family? Married to my wife Lauri for 28.5 years, High School Sweet hearts. We have 3 kids Edie 21, Dorie 18 and Eric 15, a new son in law Named Austin who serves in the Army.

College? Rogers State University

Favorite sports team? OSU Cowboys followed by RSU Hillcats

Hobbies? Kayaking and woodworking

Favorite Food? Steak and Potatoes

What is your ideal vacation? Skiing the Rockies or kayaking new lakes

What is your favorite season and why? The season I am in. learning to live for today.

If I was to create a slogan for my life, it would be? I am never lost, I am just creating a new journey to walk down.

If you only got one last meal, what would it be? Apple pie and ice cream with caramel poured all over it.

What is your favorite material object that you already own? Tools, guns and Kayaks

Do you have any pets? 2 Dogs

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